Snickers Workwear

At Snickers Workwear we strive every day to push the boundaries, constantly trying to redefine the very concept of modern work wear. Not developing the most advanced work wear just for the sake of it, but because we know what you’re facing every day at work.

Mascot Work Wear

Mascot International A/S is an international, family-owned business, which develops, manufactures and markets high-quality work wear and safety footwear for craftsmen and industry.

Snickers Workwear

Snickers Workwear design and product development philosophy has remained the same since the company started bringing end-user perspective and functionality into the process right from the start. Successful workwear development all boils down to solving a problem and finding the optimal balance between functionality, ergonomics, safety, shape/size/material, design and sustainability.

MASCOT manufactures a broad range of high quality workwear and safety footwear. It doesn’t matter whether you are a retailer or a purchaser for a large company, MASCOT is always ready to give you a helping hand and answer your questions. Learn more about workwear, safety footwear, accessories and services as well as smart ordering options.