In April 2007 Redwood Power Tools moved to our current location. When the company decided to build a custom built premises and move to this location a decision was made to incorporate a Parker Store as part of this development. The plans were drawn up and through meetings with various experts from the Parker Corporation the layout and structure was agreed upon.

Prior to this decision Redwood had a good counter trade at it’s premises in Midleton, now the opportunity was there to expand this area of our business.

In order to do this it was decided to allocate 2000 square feet of floor space to the Parker Store. This meant that we could now have an area to display the full range of Parker hydraulic and pneumatic components as well as incorporating an area within this space for the display of Work Wear and safety wear.

This now meant that Redwood Power Tools were able to provide a Hydraulic/Pneumatic one stop shop within the East Cork area.

Over the last six years since the Parker Store opened the stock and range of components has been tweaked and developed to suit our customer’s requirements and needs.

If you visit our store you will find we have a full range of Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Air compressors, Work Wear and Safety wear. You can pick up your copy of the Parker Store catalogue or view the catalogue here.

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday     8.30am-5.30pm
Saturday     9.30am – 1pm
Sunday      Closed